Community Garden Beds

Ever thought about growing your own fresh fruit and vegetables but don't have the space in your garden? Or maybe you'd like to be a part of a community of growers, feeling the satisfaction that comes from learning about different planting seasons and methods while soaking up the sunshine and farm environment. 

Raba offers 2x1m garden beds that are available to anyone in the community at $10/week. The garden beds are nutrient dense, have a good water source and plenty of sunshine perfect for growing conditions. If you have some love to give to one of these little gems, they can provide produce for you and your family all year round, as well as a community of friendly growers to be part of. Save money on your fruit and vegetables while enjoying the added health and wellbeing benefits of connecting with the land.

Through a community garden bed subscription you can take part in Raba's weekly growing mornings with tea time, as well as monthly events on offer.



If you would like to rent one of our garden beds, follow the simple subscription process here. 


If you would like to know more about our community garden and how it works, please contact us at


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